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Peak Vapes - The Evolution of Vape.

Peak Vapes brings you a whole new vaping experience.

What began as a scientific curiosity and solving a personal problem, grew into a juicy reality.

Frustrated with the lack of healthier options for e-Juice, Caleb Jennings, Founder & CEO of Peak Vapes, set out on a mission to create The World’s Healthiest Organic e-Juice for e-Cigarettes.

Being highly allergic to PG (Propylene Glycol), Caleb delved deep into researching the vape industry for 3 years to find the cleanest, purest, and most enjoyable e-Juice ingredients from around the world.

All e-Juice products on the market, and made at home by DIYer’s, are made with PG (Propylene Glycol) and/or VG (Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine Extract, and Flavorings.

Some flavoring agents include an array of chemicals, some that scientists have found to be detrimental to human health, and others that are neutral or require further study.

Peak Vapes completely reinvents e-Juice in the industry, using the innovative and proprietary NaturPur™ Base Liquid Technology.

Made from Organic Natural Herbal Extracts and sustainable Ocean-derived Superfoods, NaturPur™ replaces the traditional PG/VG base liquids in e-Juice recipes.

Next, we add CO2 Extracted Organic Nicotine that never gets exposed to light and air in the extraction process, keeping it fresh and potent for you to fill your tank with.

Finally, Peak Vapes uses select sources of Truly Natural Flavors, extracted and derived from real whole foods.

We’re talking real fruits, real vegetables, real herbs, no chemicals, no PG carriers, no Diacetyl or Acetoin, lab tested safe to vape, and no nonsense. Plus, they are Vegan friendly.

Now that we have our first two products dialed in and ready to vape, new flavor recipes are in the mix at Peak Vapes. If you have any requests, recipe suggestions, or ideas of what you’d love to vape, send us a message via email to support@peakvapes.com or through our Contact page.

We love hearing from our community of fellow vapers to bring the most delicious flavors to you to enjoy, knowing that you’ve got the healthiest vape juice in your tank at all times.

Bringing all these pieces of the puzzle together in FDA-Approved and ISO Certified Labs, packaged in black coated glass bottles with child-resistant caps to keep the little ones safe, and to ensure protecting the juice from light and air until you’re ready to fill your tank... Peak Vapes brings you a whole new vaping experience.

Order a bottle from our site, or pick one up in a Vancouver BC Vape Shop near you to experience the Peak Vapes difference for yourself.

Vape shops committed to bringing their customers the best quality, and most unique vaping products, with friendly service, all across BC, are bringing Peak Vapes to their shelves, near you.


P.S. - If you make DIY e-Juice at home, or produce a line of e-Juice, and are interested in getting NaturPur™ Base Liquid Technology to give your juice a unique edge over competition and provide a cleaner base liquid for yourself and others, positioning you as a leader in the industry, send an email to support@peakvapes.com to say hi and get more information.

Caleb Jennings

About the Founder of Peak Vapes

Caleb Jennings is the Founder & CEO of Peak Vapes.

An accomplished Entrepreneur with a Digital Marketing background, and passion for optimal health and performance (aka Holistic Biohacking), he’s helped companies around the world with large multi-million dollar product launches.

His previous company, a natural health and wellness authority site, scaled from $0-$1.5 Million in revenue in the first two years, receiving millions of unique visitors over the years, nearly half a million fans on Facebook, built and launched multiple iPhone Apps in the iTunes store with great success, and most important to him, helped transform the lives of millions of people around the world through the educational content produced and published by the company.

While adventuring through Southeast Asia, spending much of his time in Bali, Indonesia, he successfully sold that company, and jumped right back in to how he could make a Positive Measurable Impact in people’s lives around the world, in a whole new way.

Caleb founded Peak Vapes with the intention to make the world’s healthiest organic e-Juice for e-cigarettes, so that people who wish they could stop smoking or switch to a healthier alternative have access to the finest quality ingredients possible. 

Seeing how many lives are saved each year by switching to vaping, he knew this was a great fit, and dove in with full commitment to make it a reality.

Having grown up in and around bars and restaurants, and having extreme asthma, cigarette smoke was everywhere, and numerous times he ended up in the hospital as a result of second hand smoke exposure.

Out of sheer frustration with the vape industry using toxic chemicals and being allergic to PG, like many others, he couldn’t find a healthy vape juice that met his desired quality requirements. So, he ventured to make his own, knowing each and every ingredient is clean, pure, and organic, running numerous lab tests to confirm safety of vaporizing, and having confidence enough to vape it himself. 

Going the extra mile and to great expense to ensure Peak Vapes Organic e-Juice contains no harmful pesticides, does not produce any harmful elements when vaped, contains no PG in the base and flavors, and has no chemical toxins, has been quite the fulfilling endeavor.

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